Verbatim now shipping DVD+R and DVD+RW Media in Video Tall Boxes and Standard Jewel Cases

Verbatim has announced that it is shipping DVD+R and DVD+RW media which coincide with the release of the new DVD+RW Drives.

Both media is certified for 1x to 2.4x speeds – the fastest recording speed of any current DVD format and equivalent to 20x CD-R performance. The DVD+RW media supports the HP DVD-writer dvd100i DVD+RW/CD-RW drive as well as DVD+RW drives offered by Ricoh, Dell Computer and Philips including DVDR1500/1000 DVD+RW video recorders.

DVD+R media supports the Philips DVDR-1000 and DVDR-1500 drive (firmware upgrade required for older systems) and will be compatible with the second generation of Data drives and Video players being launched in Spring 2002. With the introduction of the DVD+R media Verbatim now adds Write-Once functionality to the DVD+RW technology.

Kevin Jefcoate, Director, European Marketing and Product Management explained, “The broad compatibility of our new media is what prompted us to give users a choice in packaging. As a convergence media, one DVD+RW disc can be used in both Video and Data applications. We’re enabling buyers to distinguish quickly between discs used for computer storage and those used to store movies and videos by offering both Jewel Cases and DVD Video Tall boxes.”

Verbatim’s media provides users with the convenience of being able to play back their recorded discs on the majority of DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives in use today. Consequently, data, videos, photos and music recorded to the discs can be easily shared with anyone that has a PC equipped with a DVD-ROM drive or a TV equipped with DVD player.

Key to Verbatim’s media versatility, for both data and video applications is support for both CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) and CLV (Constant Linear Velocity). CAV can be used in high-speed access applications and CLV in real time recording applications. Multi session writing is also supported, enabling users to add documents data and video segments without finalising the sessions.

In addition to supporting 2.4x recording, Verbatim 4.7GB discs deliver more than seven times the storage capacity of CD media – up to 4 hours of high-quality MPEG-2 video (depending on the available bit rate.) With Gigabytes of capacity, Verbatim is making the DVD+R/RW media a cost effective solution for storing, editing and small scale distribution of data and audio/video files. Its high capacity and long data life also make it an excellent storage solution for backup and archiving.

Along with DVD+R and DVD+RW media, Verbatim is already shipping DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM for the computer user and will soon be launching these formats in the DVD Video tall boxes.

Verbatim is currently the only manufacturer to offer the complete DVD Media line up encompassing all media formats and all application requirements. The product range includes DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+RW and DVD+R media in capacities ranging from 3.95GB to 9.4GB.

The patented Metal Azo recording dye technology used in Verbatim's DVD-R media is an exceptionally durable material that provides the highest level of recording stability and archival life as well as certified 2x recording. Metal Azo technology also maintains the best recording compatibility with the lower laser wavelengths and higher laser powers needed to write DVD media at high speeds. The advanced recording dye will be featured in Verbatim's DVD+R media and higher-speed DVD-R media.

Verbatim's rewritable DVD discs incorporate Super-Eutectic phase-change recording layer technology, a breakthrough process developed for its 10x CD-RW media. The Super-Eutectic recording layer extends the capabilities of proven phase-change optical recording to provide noise-free playback. It also enhances the media's read/write performance and longevity, ensuring that repeated recording and playback will not cause any deterioration in picture or sound quality.

Notes to editors:
Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Media and provides information storage products, computer and imaging consumables, and related accessories, which deliver valuable solutions to customers and end users.

Verbatim is currently the only firm in the world that designs, develops and manufactures high performance, high quality CD-Recordable, CD-Rewritable, DVD-Recordable and DVD-ReWritable media products, a complete family of 3.5inch and 5.25inch MO media. Furhermore the product range includes tapes, imaging products, digital devices and memory cards

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